Faculty and Staff

Our qualified faculty members take special care to constantly reinvent their class work, develop teaching aids and foster an open minded attitude to enhance learning. While our student-teacher ratio in Kindergarten is 30:2 and approximately 40:1 at the higher levels, the School and its faculty realize that personalized attention is of utmost importance. We conduct proficiency classes in groups of 10 for students that might require extra help after School hours. Our faculty is involved in pedagogical research and use international standards of teaching within the classroom. Thanks to our dedicated teaching staff, Walsingham functions as a family. The nurturing attitude of our teachers is what sets them apart. In keeping with our motto, In Felicitate Laboramus, which means in happiness we work, we expect all students to enjoy the educational experience with us and grow into fine young ladies.


Principal Dr. Janaki Ananthakrishnan
PhD, M.Phil., M.Ed., M.A., B.Ed., B.A
Senior School Coordinator Mrs. Shweta Raina
M.Sc., B.Ed., B.Sc.
Junior School Coordinator Mrs. Paridhi Somani
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, B.Sc. in Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Kindergarten Headmistress Mrs. Sudha Balamurukesan
B.Sc., L.L.B., Diploma in School Management,
Courses in: Business Management,
Counselling, Sex Education & Early Childhood Training
Office Staff

Admissions & Visitors Ms. Shilpa Sashi
I.C.S.E., Publishing & Tours Ms. Pramodini Bandkar
Staff Records Ms. Ratna Wagle
Student Record, Bus Service & Admissions Ms. Hiral Dani
Accounts Mrs. Ranju Pawar