Academic Excellence

We strive to ensure that our students achieve the highest level of academic excellence. In order to realize this goal our curriculum adheres to the requirements prescribed by the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (I.C.S.E.), but is also adaptive to the rapidly globalizing world. We use Information and Communication Technologies (I.C.T) as teaching aids and inspire our faculty members to innovate and disseminate effective methods of pedagogy. Additionally, pupils are encouraged to ask questions, making them inquisitive learners inside and outside the classroom.


While academics are important, inculcating the right values in children is equally imperative. We believe that humility, respect, honesty, tolerance and etiquette are all virtues of a holistic education. In accordance with these principles, Walsingham offers subjects like Moral Science where students are encouraged to value the knowledge that they receive. We take pride in our ability to train young girls to become polished, well groomed, responsible adults.


In keeping with our mission, Walsingham prepares its students to take on responsibility, in various capacities, from an early age. This is achieved by providing leadership roles inside and outside the classroom. Through the House system, pupils engage themselves in extra-curricular activities, where healthy competition and a sense of pride and identity within the School are developed. Based on dedication towards their House and prior all round performance, Office Bearers (Prefects and Captains) are selected from Std. IX. These young leaders represent the voice of the student body and are consulted during most decision making processes. In this manner the School attempts to bring out the hidden leader in all its students.

Social Responsibility
We believe that it is the duty of every responsible citizen and organization to give back to society a share of what has been received. Consequently, participating in Socially Useful Productive Work (S.U.P.W) forms an integral part of our curriculum. Be it cleanliness, recycling drives or involvement with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as Akanksha, Pratham, Apne Aap, Friends of Tribal Society and Tara. Ed. the School and its students are constantly looking forward to contribute towards the betterment of the society.