Junior School

In the Junior School we have a learner centric curriculum. The programme coherently amalgamates different disciplines to enhance the teaching-learning process. Pupils understand that no subject area is independent of another; hence, learning takes place as an integrated whole. Critical thinking skills, which are essential to allow students to compete effectively, in an increasingly globalized environment, are encouraged. In order to facilitate this, visual and auditory aids are used alongside traditional methods of pedagogy. To inculcate oratory skills, communication skills, confidence and creativity and at the same time encourage students to learn about different eras, countries etc., theatre, elocution, role plays and class interactions form a crucial part of the syllabus.

At this level students learn by doing. This reduces the emphasis on memorizing and encourages the learning of core concepts. Students are encouraged to understand information, allowing them to apply their knowledge to different situations more effectively. The system of assessment is less focused on traditional methods, rather formative and performance assessments are given more importance. This is done through detailed in-class observations, worksheets, projects and small tests. The marking scheme is encouraging so as to increase every child’s self esteem, which is essential at this delicate age. This format improves their level of future achievement, by allowing them to grow and learn without the pressures and burdens associated with heavy testing. Our faculty works with patience and sincerity, essentially as a dedicated parent and encourages our students to push the envelope, engage in intelligent conversation, think critically and form opinions.

Subjects Offered

 Subject  Std.I  Std.II  Std.III Std.IV
 English (Literature & Language)
 Hindi (Literature & Language)
 Environmental Science
 Social Studies (History & Geography)
 Visual Art (Art & Craft)
 Music (Indian & Western Vocals)
 Physical Education
 Information Technology