Walsingham House School’s three year Kindergarten programme has been designed to foster the emotional, physical, social, intellectual and creative development of every child. Our aim is to nurture a desire to learn and gain independence through experimentation and play. We prepare our toddlers to become healthy, intelligent and confident young girls capable of taking on the demands of Junior School. In order to keep our parents involved in their child’s education, each of the three years is divided into two terms with an Open Day at the end of the term where progress and syllabus for the upcoming period are discussed.

Nursery: The focus here is to make the School going experience an enjoyable one. Understanding concepts of senses, recognizing colours, letters, phonetic sounds, numbers etc. are enforced through the playway method. Essentially, they learn to explore their environment. Different activities and materials are used to develop fine and gross motor skills. Even though there is no written work done, conversational, social, problem solving, artistic and musical skills etc. are taught.

K.G.: At this level, children are taught pattern writing followed by upper case letters, numbers and reading three letter words phonetically. Values form an important aspect of the curriculum. All of these are taught creatively, without any scope for rote learning.

Prep: Being the final year of Kindergarten, students are prepared to enter the Junior School by introducing them to a more formal system of education. Writing lower case or small letters, three letter words, sequencing, addition and subtraction of numbers and reading skills are all taught. General knowledge, English conversation and Music proficiency are further enhanced. At the end of this year, an elaborate Graduation Ceremony is held for our little ones, where they receive certificates wearing academic regalia.