Senior School

At the Senior School level heavy emphasis is laid on academic excellence. While written exercises, projects and testing are integral, Walsingham’s students stand out because of our focus towards thinking critically, developing an open mind, forming opinions and building confidence. In preparation for the challenges of life after School, healthy competition with peers as well as one’s own self is encouraged. By the time a student reaches Std. IX, she is required to pick her area of focus and select the subjects that she would like to pursue. Consequently, in the I.C.S.E. she would appear for only those tests. Special care is taken at the Std. IX and X levels in order to prepare our students for the I.C.S.E. Our School results testify to this fact. Click here to view results. Since 1980, this School boasts of 100% I.C.S.E. results, which speaks highly of the dedication and hard work put in by the faculty and students alike.
Year Students Pass Rate Average Highest
2015 110 100% 86.28% 98.40%
2016 100 100% 73.21% 98.40%
2017 125 100% 89.85% 98.60%
2018 114 100% 86.08% 98.00%
Moreover, talks by eminent personalities, workshops as well as excursions enhance the educational experience for our children. Our teachers try to inculcate that learning is of utmost importance, performance in examinations will follow through subsequently. Finally, keeping in mind that in the Senior School we are dealing with teenagers, our faculty is particularly understanding and congenial. They build lasting relationships with their students and act as advisors to them.

Subjects Offered

 Subject  Std.V  Std.VI  Std.VII Std.VIII
 English (Literature & Language)
 Hindi (Literature & Language)
 Marathi (Literature & Language)
 Environmental Science
 Social Studies (History & Geography)
 General Science
 Physical Education
 Information Technology

Std. IX & X
Group 1 - Mandatory Subjects
English (Literature & Language) 
Hindi (Literature & Language) 
Social Studies (History & Geography) 
Environmental Education 
Group 2 - Any 2 Subjects 
Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
Commercial Studies 
Group 3 - Any 1 Subject
Commercial Application 
Computer Application 
Physical Education