Nursery admissions, for the academic year starting in March, are taken between November to January. Admissions will be granted subject to vacancies available. Use of influence, in any form, disqualifies the applicant from admission.
  1. All K.G to Std. I admissions are required to produce an official Municipal Birth Certificate in support of their birth dates.
  2. In case a student is coming from another school, she will be required to produce a School Leaving Certificate. It must be endorsed by the Education Department in case the student comes from outside the state of Maharashtra.
  3. If a student, seeking admission in Std. I or onwards, comes from an unrecognized school the parents must submit an affidavit duly signed by a Magistrate, stating:
    1. Why the child did not join a recognized school.
    2. Name of the unrecognized school.
    3. Std. attended in the unrecognized school and subjects learnt.
    4. Examinations passed.
    5. A certificate from authorities of the school last attended.
  4. The Administration and Admission Panel reserves the right to declare the terms and conditions on which they will admit and retain students in the institution. The decision of the School authorities shall be final.
  5. Please check the website for updates regarding the admission
School Fees
  1. Fees are due in two installments, June and November, for current students (except Magazine and Diary, which is wholly paid with the first installment). In the case of a new entrant, complete fee is payable at the time of admission, along with the deposit.
  2. Fees must be paid by cheque or cash, along with the official School Bill Book.
  3. Fees for current students are accepted at the ‘Union Bank of India,’ (Nepean Sea Road branch only) against the Bill Book.
  4. These fees must be paid within one month from the Date of Issue of the Bill Book.
  5. No reductions are made for vacations or broken periods.

    Cheque Details:
    • Only Account Payee cheques will be accepted.
    • All cheques should be made in favour of WALSINGHAM HOUSE SCHOOL.
Bus fees
  1. Bus Services are provided by the following independent contractors:
    • Kindergarten – Nalin Modi Bus Services and Apsara Travels.
    • Junior & Senior School – Spencer Travels.
  2. The amount charged is communicated to the parents at the beginning of the academic year.
  3. The bus contractors will issue their own Bill Books and payment will be made, in accordance, directly to them.
  4. The bus service cannot be discontinued in the middle of the year. One month’s notice, before the academic year ends (in the month of April), must be given before a child's name can be withdrawn.
  5. We urge all parents to avail of the School’s bus service in order to ensure the safety and welfare of our students, as well as protect our environment.