The kindergarten children enjoy events like Colour Day, Grand Parents’ Day, Cooking Day, Diwali and Christmas celebrations, the Funfair, their Farewell and Graduation Ceremony. On various occasions magic and puppet shows, as well as student made bake sales are organized.

Facilitative teaching methods are helping our students to translate theory into practice. A practical and application based methodology is used as a basis to teach different topics.

To enhance learning, students are taken on educational trips. Plays and choir performances are also presented at regular intervals. Pupils are often engaged in singing and music. This has proven to hone not only their musical intelligence, but also increase mathematical power and improve speech and language. Kindergarten students also participate in the Annual Athletic Meet.

Walsingham believes that child development, especially at the Kindergarten level, should take place round the clock, rather than only during School hours. Therefore, workshops and seminars on parenting, discipline etc. are organized for both the parents and teachers.