It started with a school friend coming down from England and ballooned into a joyous reunion. The invitation went viral as the class of '71 decided to celebrate 40 years of graduating from school. The last time we were together was December 4th, 1971 where Std X girls gave us a farewell party. The excitement grew as we could locate emails or phone numbers of missing classmates from Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Dubai and many nations! When the time came there was instant recognition, nostalgia and big warm hugs. Why o why didn't we do this sooner? The house captains cut a cake, and all sang the school anthem together promising that "we would ever friendly be". We have a website with photographs more than 50 years old where we can marvel at how young we looked! We have since then promised ourselves to meet frequently again and again! Dear Walsingham! What memories! What fun! What friendships!
Dr. (Mrs.) Swati A. Piramal (Class of 1971)
Piramal Healthcare Limited

Whenever I think about my Alma Mater WALSINGHMAM HOUSE SCHOOL I feel a great sense of pride to have spent my childhood years in its nurturing cradle.
The kind of person that I am today, working in my chosen field of endeavour, living, enjoying and fully participating as a responsible community member in main stream society; I believe is due to the unshakeable, holistic foundation laid during my school years.
Dr. Rina Yogi Shah (Class of 1972)
Educational Consultant in Special Education:
Specialist in Learning Difficulties, Gifted
Education and Inclusion

It is very nostalgic to be a part of the same institute where I spent the best years of my life. Now I am teaching the same values to the students which had once been imparted to me. Even then I felt part of the Walsingham House Schoool family and even today after 20 years it feels just the same, especially when I sing the school song. WALSINGHAM was a blessing then and even now. Some things never change!
Mrs. Hemali Mukhi (Class of 1992)
Walsingham House School

I am a graduate of Walsingham House School batch of 2000. I have spent the better part of my growing years at Walsingham House School. I would like to thank the teachers and their unwavering support to help me become who I am today. The strict discipline and the demand for excellence from the school are the values that helped me build make n bake paint your own pottery studio. What started off as a past time hobby has lead to three stores and potentially a few more
Sanchi Dharia (Class of 2000)
Make n bake

Walsingham House School has been a learning ground for me. I have learnt to shoulder responsibilities and take up new challenges. It has helped me learn to work in coordination with my team mates and trained me for leadership in life.
Priyanka Sharma - X A (Head Girl, 2010 - 2011)

I like Walsingham House School because all the teachers here are very kind and helpful. We get to do so many activities, like P.E., Craft, Art and Chess. Also, the teachers give us a good explanation of all the chapters. We have a Friday assembly in which we either put up a skit or watch others doing one. I have lots of fun in my School.
Chhavi Singal - Std. IV C (2010 - 2011)

In Walsingham House School we are taught to be well civilized with lots of activities so that we can become the best citizens of our country.
Khushi Mehta - III B (2010 2011)