Working at Walsingham

In my 14 years of experience, I have evolved as a teacher. W.H.S. has given me tremendous opportunity to explore and adapt to innovative methods of teaching. In fact, everyday is a learning experience and I am enjoying every moment of it.
Mrs. Aarti Parkar (Class Teacher of Std. III B)

Walsingham House School is an institution where working is an enjoyable experience. Everyone here is important in their own way. All the departments are well organized and work in coordination with each other. In times of difficulty, there is ready help from the Principal and the Management. Here, we learn and progress together as a team.
Mrs. Sumana Sen (Head of Department, English)

They told me,
'It is a palace.'
And I was excited!

Now I feel,
It is my home;
And I am delighted!

Thank you Walsingham
You gave me freedom and warmth
And I will be indebted!...........forever.
Mrs. Armaity Irani (Class Teacher of Std. IV A)